Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail For Viral Stunt

Photo credit Jamie Squire / Staff
By ALT 103.7

Viral challenges are usually all in good fun, but one that went viral last year was a little too much for most Texans. The Blue Bell challenge saw people going to grocery stores, opening up ice cream containers and licking the top, before putting the container back in the freezer. Now, one of those that completed the challenge will be going to jail for his stunt.

D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson was sentenced you 30 days in jail on Wednesday for his part in the viral Blue Bell challenge. Back in August, Anderson posted a video of him at a Port Arthur Walmart, licking the top of a Blue Bell Ice Cream container. In the video, he not only repeatedly licks the ice cream, but digs his fingers into the container as well before putting it back in the freezer.

Afterwards Anderson said he regretted the prank as he wound up paying for the vanilla ice cream, but ended up losing his job due to the stunt. “It was just a prank,” he said, but now he will have to pay fine of $1,000 and will pay $1,565 to Blue Bell Creameries, along with completing 100 hours of community service. Still, the 30 day jail sentence is the worst of it, as hopefully no more people will attempt the Blue Bell Challenge after this.

Via Yahoo!