CBS TV Studios Is Working On A ‘Clueless’ Reboot With A Dark Twist

Photo credit Sipa USA
By ALT 103.7

Yet another classic film is getting the Hollywood reboot treatment. After months of rumors, it was announced this week that CBS TV is working on a ‘Clueless’ reboot, but with a twist. According to reports, the show will follow the same characters from the original film, but with a darker tone, placing main character Cher Horowitz as the subject of a mystery.

CBS TV Studios, which owns the rights to the 1995 film ‘Clueless,’ wants to update the classic film to a more modern film. The reboot will follow Cher’s best friend, Dionne after Cher disappears. The new Clueless is being described as “Mean Girls meets Riverdale meets a Lizzo video, set in a high school that is uniquely 2020.” The project is currently being shopped with multiple bids expected.

Online reaction was mixed, as many fans are tired of all the reboots, while some fans were just excited to see a modern version of the beloved film. CBS TV Studios is no stranger to reboots, at the studio is also currently working on a ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ reboot for the CW. While it is still unknown if any of the original actors will have a role in the new series, the show plans to bring ‘Clueless’ into the 21st century.

Via The Hollywood Reporter