A TV Commercial Starring A Pre-Famous Steve Carell From The 1980’s Has Gone Viral

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By ALT 103.7

Every actor needs to start somewhere, but sometimes seeing them in their pre fame stage of life can be a bit shocking. That’s what happened recently as a commercial from the 1980’s starring Steve Carell has gone viral. Before he was making people laugh, Carell apparently was helping to sell chicken.

While known to the world thanks to starring roles in ‘The Office’ and ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin,’ Steve Carell, like many actors, at one time was willing to take any part. While the world didn’t learn of Carell until the 2000’s, he was still working in the industry back in the 1980’s, though in a much smaller capacity. In the now viral video, Carell stars in a TV commercial for Browns Chicken.

In the video, Carell promotes the chicken restaurants new cholesterol free cooking. Many were surprised though at how the actor looked back in 1989 at 27 years old. He may be famous now, but it was the Brown’s Chicken days that got Steve Carell here.

Via boingboing.net