Iron Maiden Guitarist Accidentally Threw His Guitar Into The Crowd

Janick Gers
Photo credit Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Iron Maiden sure can put on a memorable show. Looks like this security guard won’t forget the time he worked an Iron Maiden concert. 

While the band was in San Antonio last week, guitarist Janick Gers performed his signature windmill twirl with his guitar. At one point Gers lost control and launched the guitar into the crowd. He ended up hitting one of the security guards out in front.

A concertgoer told Blabbermouth that the security guard was shocked by the flying guitar. 

“It literally flew about ten feet!! They returned it and you could tell he was apologetic. The security guard was okay but his eyes were the size of golf balls and he was in shock. The security guard wasn’t injured, as it was a grazing blow, but he was clearly shaken for a moment.”

Check out the video below of the moment when Gers accidentally threw the guitar.