Jennifer Garner Spent 25 Minutes In A Parking Garage Looking For Her Car

Jennifer Garner
Photo credit Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Its that time of the year where we park way out in Timbuktu when visiting the mall to do some holiday shopping. In a sea of cars, not all of us can remember where we parked including Jennifer Garner. 

After visiting the Build-A-Bear Workshop Garner had trouble remembering where she left her car. After 10 minutes she started recording video of herself looking for her missing vehicle. The actress spent a total of 25 minutes looking for her car, at one point she realized the battery on her key fob died. 

Luckily she was accompanied by a friend who drove her around looking for her car. She swears she parked in row ‘Y’, but later found her car in row ‘F’. Check out Garners hilarious video down below. 

Via: Wonderwall