Jogger Runs Routes That Look Like Animal Artwork On GPS Tracker

Photo Credit: NicoElNino/Getty Images
Photo credit Photo Credit: NicoElNino/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

It's kind of a real-life Etch A Sketch!

35-year-old Jeric Yeun lives in New Cross Gate, South London: and really enjoys jogging.  But he's taken the sport to a whole new level.  An artistic level, if you will!

Yeun purposely plans out exactly where he's going to jog: so that his routes (upwards of 18 miles each) will show up as adorable drawings of animals on his phone's GPS.  It's not only for fun, either: Yeun is working to raise funds for Spinal Research (he's already raised about $1800).

The coronavirus quarantine hasn't slowed him down, either: he just runs earlier in the morning to avoid crowds.  See if you can figure out what his "drawings" are below!