Texas Family Brought Joy To Their Local Grocery Store By Wearing Inflatable T-Rex Suits

Inflatable T-Rex suit
Photo credit Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Going to the grocery store can be a bit stressful these days. Even when there aren’t as many people, it’s still a bit eerier walking through the empty aisles. 

Let’s be honest though if things get to the point where we need to wear hazmat suits, you can bet that there will be people running around town wearing inflatable T-Rex suits instead. 

Last weekend, a family from San Antonio had the idea to make things less dreary during their trip to the grocery store. Pilar Pinilla told My San Antonio that her kids wanted to wear their T-Rex costumes to the store. Before doing so her kids asked the store manager if it would be okay. 

The store manager said yes and it definitely helped brighten the mood. Pinilla says other shoppers enjoyed seeing dinosaurs walk up and down the aisles. 

"It was a hoot. We wanted to bring some positive energy into the community, and I feel like we did that. People were laughing and smiling, and you can just tell it was a breath of fresh air from what we've been seeing."

Check out their video below.