Lyft Driver Puts Up Plastic Barrier To Protect Themselves From Contagious Passengers

Uber and Lyft logos
Photo credit Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

This Lyft driver isn’t taking any chances. 

One rideshare user got a surprise when their Lyft driver pulled up. To help prevent themselves from coming in contact with any passengers who may or may not have the Coronavirus this driver made a DIY partition.

The driver used a see-through plastic sheet and tape to separate themselves from their passengers. He even had a box of tissues right next to him in his plastic containment barrier. 

The driver who posted the video on Instagram wrote in the caption: 

“My Lyft driver created this airtight seal in his car. If anyone out there is doing Lyft or Uber for work, you may consider doing this to protect yourself and others. Just wanted to post this so you can see how one guy is helping keep himself and others safe.”

Check out the video below. How do feel about this drivers DIY plastic containment barrier?  

Via: New York Post