Man Makes Sign Asking For Help While Wife Spends Over Two Hours At Target

Photo credit Gustavo Caballero / Stringer
By ALT 103.7

Pretty much everyone has experienced going into a store for one thing, and ended up shopping for hours at least once. Stores like Target have so many items; it’s hard not to spend hours searching every isle for more greatness. That’s why when a husband recently made a sign asking for help as his wife went on a shopping spree; no one was surprised it went viral.

Over the weekend, Jeremy Tuck went to an Atlanta area Target with his wife to pick up a few things. After being there for over two hours, Tuck decided to ask for some help. He made a sign that read, “NOT HOMELESS ... WIFE IN TARGET 2+ HOURS ... PLEASE HELP!"

The photo quickly went viral as plenty of people could relate to either extended Target shopping sprees, or being forced to wait while someone goes on an extended Target shopping spree. The post quickly picked up over 25,000 reactions and 138,000 re-shares on Facebook. While everyone got a good laugh out of it, Tuck is probably hoping his wife never finds out.

Via Fox News