Man Catches Alligator By Playing With It In Pool

Photo credit Suthat_Chaitaweesap
By ALT 103.7

There are a number of ways to catch an alligator. Apparently one of those ways is to play with it until it gets tired. While most wouldn’t attempt this method, celebrity trapper Paul Bedard recently shared his experience playing with a wild gator in a pool in order to remove it.

Paul Bedard, who has appeared on Animal Planet’s ‘Gator Boys,’ was recently called to a home in Florida that found an alligator in their pool. Bedard, who works for the Nuisance Alligator Program, has trapped many alligators before, but for this one felt the best method was to tire out the alligator by playing with it.

According to Bedard, he was able to successfully capture the 9-foot, 185-pound alligator by playing with it in the pool. Once removed from the family’s pool, Bedard brought the alligator to relocation in the Everglades. Bedard made it seem easy, but that doesn’t mean anyone should attempt his method of catching alligators.

Via Yahoo!