California Man Ordered A Waffle Maker On Amazon, Only To Receive One With Old Waffle Inside

Photo credit rez-art
By ALT 103.7

There may be no better feeling than when an Amazon package gets delivered on time with no issues. Sadly for one California man, he didn’t get that experience after receiving a waffle maker for Christmas only for it to be delivered with an old crusty waffle inside. The man quickly turned to social media to complain and has since gone viral for his old crusted waffle maker.

Brian McCarthy, a Los Angeles-based photographer, posted a photo of the crusted waffle maker his mother had sent his daughter for Christmas. The family was excited to use it, but was shocked when they opened it up and saw an old waffle inside. “Wow, my mom sent my daughter a new waffle maker from @amazon and they sent us a used one with the FOOD STILL IN IT. Disgusting!” McCarthy wrote in a tweet.

McCarthy confirmed the purchase was through Amazon Prime and not a third party seller. Since the post has gone viral, Amazon has apologized and promised to investigate the incident. For anyone looking to order a waffle maker soon, just make sure there isn’t a waffle already inside when you get it.

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