Pregnant Mother Goes Viral After Bringing Nerf Gun To Hospital To Keep Husband Awake

Photo credit Jack Taylor / Stringer
By ALT 103.7

The birth of a child can be a very stressful time for parents, especially the mother. That’s why one soon to be mom decided to bring something with her to make sure her husband stayed awake throughout the birth. Samantha Mravik-Miller went viral recently after sharing her “mom hack” of bringing a nerf gun to the hospital in case her husband fell asleep.

The Wisconsin mother wanted to make sure the birth of her third child went by without issue. One way to ensure this was to make sure her husband stayed awake in case he was needed. As her post shows, the best way to do this was to shoot him with a nerf gun whenever he dosed off.

“This post came about because when my son (who’s almost six) was born, my husband slept through him crying when we were in the hospital three nights in a row,” said Samantha Mravik-Miller. Her post has since been shared over 15,000 and has more than 8,000 comments. This genius “mom hack” will definitely help tired mothers, and may turn hospitals into the perfect nerf battle terrain.

Via Fox News