New Formula Reveals Your Dogs Actual Age In “Dog Years”

Photo credit Prystai
By ALT 103.7

For years many dog owners have figured out their dog’s age in “dog years” by multiplying the years by seven. While many assume this is the best way to judge a dog’s aging, the seven year methodology is actually a myth. That’s why researchers have developed a new formula to more accurately depict a dog’s age. You can find out your dog’s age using this special calculator.

based on changes to DNA over time, the new formula asks people to type in dog’s age into calculator, multiply by 16 and then add 31 to find a more accurate age in “dog years.” This method is based on methylation, which is regarded by many scientists as the best way to measure the ageing speed of a mammal. Geneticists Tina Wang and Trey Ideker from the University of California San Diego figured this method more accurately compared the age of humans to dogs.

While the methodology isn’t perfect, as a dog’s lifespan often depends on the size and type of breed, it is more accurate than simply multiplying seven years. The researchers used Labradors as the base of the study. Now, dog owners can calculate how old their dog actually is, and their new age may be shocking.

Via Fox News