New Study Shows A Third Of Pet Owners Prefer Their Pets To Their Own Kids

Photo credit Twinkle Studio
By ALT 103.7

It’s normal for adults without kids to prefer having pets, but it turns out some parents actually feel the same way. A New study shows a third of parents actually prefer their pets to their kids. Of the 2,000 parents who own pets surveyed, many also feel their pet is a part of the family, or their best friend.

This survey was conducted for pet food company ‘I And Love And You.’ While it wasn’t surprising pet owners felt this way about their pet, what shocked those conducting the survey was how parents felt about their own children compared to their pet. The results show 78% of pet owners feel their pet is a part of the family. While 68% of those surveyed consider their pet to be people.

Half of those surveyed believed their pet to understand them better than their best friend. While the feelings about one’s pet didn’t surprise, many felt people would still prefer their actually children to a dog or cat. Looks like some kids out there may have some competition in the future.

Via Fox News