New Survey Reveals Each State’s Favorite Christmas Movie

Photo credit Estradaanton
By ALT 103.7

Almost everyone has a favorite Christmas movie to get them into the holiday spirit, but is your favorite beloved by those around you? Luckily, a new study reveals each state’s favorite Christmas movie. Not only did the survey find each state’s favorite Christmas movie, but they also answered the most debated Christmas question of all time; is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas movie? Check out the results here.

In order to find each state’s favorite Christmas movie, surveyed 4,580 Americans in mid-November, 2019. Those surveyed were asked to pick their favorite Christmas movie from Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the top 50 Christmas movies. What they found was ‘A Christmas Story’ was the favorite in most states, followed by ‘Elf’ and ‘Home Alone.’

In Texas, ‘A Christmas Story’ is the number one choice, with ‘Elf’ coming in second. As for the question regarding ‘Die Hard’ most states said it wasn’t a Christmas movie, with 59.21% of the votes saying no. While some may not agree with this study’s findings, it clearly shows just about everyone has a preferred Christmas movie for the holiday season.