Potential ‘Community’ Movie Teased By Allison Brie

Photo credit Frederick M. Brown / Stringer
By ALT 103.7

With all the reboots of classic television series happening lately, it seems shows are no longer ending their run with a movie. In the past, heading to the big screen was the best way for classic show’s to end their run. Now, a beloved show may be going back to the classic strategy, as opposed to returning for another season.

During a recent Q&A session on Reddit, actress Allison Brie teased fans of ‘Community’ when asked about a potential movie. According to the actress, fans of the show should “stay tuned,” as she recently received a call about the topic. This isn’t the first time Brie has floated the idea of a ‘Community’ movie as back in 2015 she said she was “more hopeful about a movie than a seventh season.”

‘Community,’ which ran on NBC for five seasons and Yahoo Screen for one more, had a running joke throughout the show about bad shows consisting of “six seasons and a movie.” It appears show creator Dan Harmon is on board with that idea as well. There is still no official word on a ‘Community’ movie, but fans should still listen to Brie and “stay tuned.”

Via Newsweek