You And 19 Friends Can Now Rent A Private Island For Only $200 A Night

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By ALT 103.7

Everyone wants to experience the perfect vacation, but money more often than not gets in the way. While most would like the exclusivity of a quiet beach weekend on a private island, that opportunity isn’t available to all. However, now a private island off the coast of Belize can be rented for only $4,000 a night; only $200 a night as long as you can find 19 friends to come with.

Take a 15 minute boat ride off the coast of Belize, and eventually you’ll come across Kanu Island. Kanu Island is a 2.5 acre strip of land, surrounded by clear blue water, and no other people in sight. The vacation rental property opened earlier this summer, and includes five 1,000-square-foot villas with room for up to 20 people.

While this exclusive private island may be the perfect getaway, the issue for most seemed to be finding that many friends to go with. However, for only $200 a night, it might be worth finding some new friends in order to experience the private island including billiards table, dining area, and fresh water pool with a swim-up bar, along with a private chef. Let the search for 19 friends begin.

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