Texas Woman’s Engagement Ring Found At Landfill After Accidentally Throwing It Away

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By ALT 103.7

A Texas woman got extremely lucky last week when her engagement ring was recovered after she accidentally threw it out. According to the Waxahachie woman, a “miscommunication” led to her throwing out the ring by mistake. Luckily, she was able to retrieve the ring, thanks to some amazing work by a landfill crew.

Nelly Cabeen shared the story of her missing engagement ring on Facebook after what she assumed was lost forever was returned to her. “Friday morning I had to call [Turkey Creek Landfill> because I accidentally threw away my ring that my husband gave me when he proposed to [me> 5 years ago. The ring meant everything to me and because of miscommunication I accidentally threw it away!” said Cabeen in her Facebook post. After Cabeen called the landfill, the crew quickly got to work, though finding the ring seemed unlikely.

After speaking to the special waste coordinator at the landfill, Cabeen didn’t seem very confident that her ring would be found, but after giving details about the trash bag color and what the ring looked, the crew got to work searching through 10 tons of garbage. Shockingly, after only ten minutes of searching, the crew found Cabeen’s engagement ring, and was able to return it to her. Hopefully next time there’s miscommunication, Cabeen avoids the garbage can.

Via Fox News