Mark Hamill Thanks Book Store For Returning Lost Star Wars Record Signed By John Williams

Mark Hamill
Photo credit Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Retuning missing items to their rightful owner always pays off in the end. 

Actor Mark Hamill recently posted on Twitter that his missing Star Wars record was returned to him. This wasn’t just any Star Wars record; it was signed and gifted to Hamill from composer John Williams. Written on the sleeve: "Dear Mark Hamill, May the force always be with us."

The workers at Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange in Flagstaff, Arizona found the missing record back in 2018 and put forth the effort to return it to Hamill himself. According to Hamill, it had gone missing sometime in the ‘90s.

Hamill responded to a reporter on Twitter and said that he was so glad to have his record back that he would sign any Star Wars merchandise that the store sent him. 

Via: ABC 6 News