Teens In Hazmat Suits Prank Subway Riders By Spilling Fake Coronavirus

Person in a hazmat suit
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

While everyone in the world is worried about catching the Coronavirus, these two pranksters found a way to fun with it. 

David Flores, 17, and Morris Cordewell, 19 the two teens from Queens, New York who identified themselves as the pranksters talked with Insider about their Coronavirus prank. 

The two rode the NYC subway wearing hazmat suits, while one of them carried a transparent container of orange Kool-Aid with quarantine stickers. Of course, curious passengers started recording the minute the two oddballs hopped on board. 

At one point they opened to container letting everyone know it was the Coronavirus and that they were perfectly safe; that was until they spilled it. Check out their video below.

Cordewell said Flores came up with the idea for the Coronavirus subway prank, he just had the idea to wear hazmat suits and masks to help sell it. Cordewell claims they told other passengers what they did was just a prank. The two said there were a few subway riders who didn’t like their prank, while others laughed.