Now There Is Vegan Leather Made From Cactus

Photo credit Credit: Getty Images/ Michael Reaves
By ALT 103.7

Attention all animal lovers there is great news! Two farmers from Mexico discovered a way to make vegan leather. That is right, a non-animal way of making leather. The new leather material is made from cactus leaves, called Desserto. Every year, billions of animals are to collect the raw materials to make leather products. Desserto, is a rugged, hard, thick and pointy cactus in nature. When it is developed and completely processed, it resembles leather.

The creators of the vegan leather are entrepreneurs Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez. They started their company Adriano Di Marti for developing the new leather. Both friends have worked in furniture, automotive and fashion industries in the past.

They understood the big impact of leather making. It is not biodegradable and contributes to a large carbon footprint in the environments pollution.

They do not use any chemicals that are harmful in converting the cactus into leather. The best part is that despite not using chemicals, the shelf life of these products is just 10 years. The product was unveiled in Milan for the first time in October 2019.

Via: Sky Met Weather