Fort Worth Moves Forward With Plan To Tear Down The Convention Center

Fort Worth Convention Center
Photo credit Credit: Getty Images Plus/Kirkikis
By ALT 103.7

Fort Worth opens its doors for the first Rodeo and Stock Show at the new Dickies Arena this week and with the new arena, the city is moving forward with the plans to tear down the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena Downtown.

The city’s Convention Center has a lot of history to it as its held concerts from Elvis, U2, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. The redesign will target expansion. The half-century-old arena will be removed and remodeled. Below is a recap of some of the historic moments at the arena.

The Fort Worth Convention Center draws around 150 events a year, but with its planned expansion, the center is projected to bring up to 292 events per year and increase its attendance from 780,000 to 1.2 million.

The Fort Worth Convention Center could be under way by 2022. It is projected $430 million facelift with plans to bring back an economic boom.

Via: Star-Telegram