Bats Flying Around The Court Delay The Spurs-Nets Game

Brooklyn Nets looking at bats in San Antonio
Photo credit Photo Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
By ALT 103.7

We have a wide range of animals here in Texas. There even a few roaming around our major cities in DFW. From bobcats in Plano to coyotes in Frisco, we have em’ all. 

Down in central Texas, they have bats. It's pretty cool to see them fly around the city once the sunsets, but it’s a little crazy and concerning to see them fly around indoors. 

The other night during the San Antonio Spurs-Brooklyn Nets basketball game, bats invaded the court. With more than seven minutes to go in the first quarter, officials were forced to delay the game due to the flying mammals. 

While players were on the bench, they attempted to shoo the bats away with their towels. One staff member soon came out to the court and tried swatting the bats with a pool skimmer. Check out some of the videos taken down below. 

While the bats were flying around the court, fans started chanting, “Manu, Manu, Manu!” Referring to a previous time when bats invaded the AT&T Center back in 2009. That time Spurs player Manu Ginobili actually swatted a bat out of midair during a game. 

The bats were eventually rounded up after the game was delayed for more than three minutes. You could say that bats bring good luck for the San Antonio Spurs, seeing how both times when they’ve shown up the Spurs win.

Via: Yahoo Sports