Survey Shows The Majority Of Americans Don’t Plan To Renew Their Gym Membership Post Quarantine

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By ALT 103.7

Like many industries, gyms have been hit hard by the coronavirus, as many have remained closed throughout the country. With gyms closed, people have had to find alternative sources of exercise, and apparently have been very successful doing so. According to a recent survey, the majority of Americans don’t plan to renew their gym memberships once quarantine is over.

The recent survey, done by online broker TD Ameritrade, revealed that 59% of respondents believe they no longer need their gym membership. The majority of those surveyed claimed they found a “more affordable” way to work out during quarantine, and no longer need the gym to live a healthier lifestyle. 2,009 adults ages 24 and older were asked as part of the survey, with 776 saying they lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise on a regular basis.

“Americans are likely questioning how gyms would work in the post-pandemic world. Will it be safe, will it be feasible to go?” said Molly Passantino, senior retirement specialist at TD Ameritrade. This probably isn’t great news for gyms, as many were hoping for a surge in memberships once quarantine was over. They’ll just have to wait for that New Year’s resolution push in 2021 instead.