Beer And Soda May Soon Go Flat As Low Ethanol Demand Causes CO2 Shortages

Photo credit Prostock-Studio
By ALT 103.7

Many industries have felt the impact of the coronavirus with some businesses forced to shut down, and others dealing with low customers due to people staying home. One industry that hadn’t been knocked down yet by the pandemic was the beer industry. However, that could change soon as low ethanol demands has led to CO2 suppliers not being able to keep up with the demand, putting a strain on the carbonation process.

Not only will a rise in CO2 prices affect the beer industry, but the soda industry as well. For both beer and soda drinkers, a flat drink may soon become a reality with ethanol demand staying low during the coronavirus. While it may not seem like ethanol demand would impact the making of beer and soda, CO2 is captured during the production of ethanol and then sold in to the food and beverage industry, for the carbonation process.

With less people on the road, gas prices have lowered, less carbon dioxide is being captured, causing a reduction in the supply. Prices have increased by 25 percent, and some brewers predict it could affect production in the coming weeks. Hopefully, this doesn’t lead to beer and soda being sold flat, or many carbonated drink lovers will be infuriated.

Via Fox News