Burger King In Taiwan Reveals Chocolate Covered Whopper That Quickly Goes Viral

Photo credit Naomi Baker / Staff
By ALT 103.7

While America may be known for crazy menu concoctions, when it comes to fast food; it seems foreign countries always have the more ridiculous food items for sale. Now, the latest one to go viral has many online intrigued, but not everyone is willing to give it a try. Burger King in Taiwan recently revealed a new chocolate covered burger, and its debut drew massive crowds at the fast food chain.

Once teased by the burger chain as an April Fool’s joke, the Taiwan locations are now selling a chocolate covered burger as part of a recent promotional event. The burger is a regular Whopper, but comes with chocolate sauce on the patty. It is being called the, “Hershey’s Chocolate Whopper,” and it quickly went viral after first being announced.

The burger was first offered in early September and led to lines wrapped around the building. While there are no plans for the chocolate burger to come to the United States, some online are hoping it does in fact make it here one day. If anything they may just have to order a Whopper and remember to bring their own chocolate sauce.

Via Fox News