College Student Uses Meatball Sub Falling On Her Computer To Get Second Chance At Exam

Photo credit bhofack2
By ALT 103.7

Every student has attempted to use the “dog ate my homework” excuse to get out of an assignment at least once. While that one has been used so much the excuse rarely works even if true, now there is a new excuse for students to try out on teachers. A college student in Georgia has gone viral; after she claimed a meatball sub fell on her computer, and was granted a second attempt at her exam.

Sam Lee, a junior at the University of Georgia, was taking her economics online exam recently, when she had to deal with a computer issue midway through the test. She was eating a meatball sandwich, and apparently a meatball rolled off the bread and onto her keyboard, causing the test page to close, finishing her test before she completed it. "It hit some sort of escape button and closed the entire browser," said Lee.

Lee immediately began crafting an email to her professor, which she claims took ““six hours to write.” Luckily the teacher bought it, and she was able to retake the exam. The photo of her email quickly went viral, as now there is a new foolproof excuse to get out of an assignment.

Via Fox News