CVS Is Now Selling Stryx, A Line Of Makeup Geared Towards Men

Photo credit GeorgeRudy
By ALT 103.7

For most men, shopping for female products can be a bit embarrassing, especially if they are buying it for themselves. However, one cosmetic brand is hoping more men face their fears and try something they never have before; makeup. Stryx, a cosmetic brand geared towards men is hoping to break into the mainstream, now selling their line of products at CVS.

Many cosmetic brands have attempted to gear products towards men and failed, but Stryx is hoping after months of seeing close up views of the zits and blemishes on their faces during Zoom calls, men will be more willing to buy their products. Luckily eye shadow, lipstick and bold colors are not included. Instead, Stryx’s line of products includes a $19.99 concealer and a gel cleanser for $11.99.

“It’s not about a full face of makeup or color. We’re talking about improving blemishes, fixing up under-eye bags, a zit — all these sorts of things,” said Stryx founder Devir Kahan. Their products are geared towards a more natural look for men. While not every man is willing to try makeup, Stryx is hoping more will now they that are at CVS.

Via Inside Hook