Heinz Ketchup Announces Online Giveaway For All-Red Puzzle

Photo credit Scott Olson / Staff
By ALT 103.7

With many people currently stuck at home, hobbies have become a major source of entertainment. One of these hobbies many have picked up is doing puzzles, and for some the more difficult the better. For those looking for a real puzzle challenge, Heinz Ketchup has created an all-red puzzle that will frustrate even the best puzzle enthusiasts.

Recently, Heinz Ketchup unveiled a new all-red puzzle to keep fans busy during quarantine. “This might be the slowest puzzle on earth. 570 pieces. All Heinz red. Tell us who you wish you could finish this with,” the Ketchup bran said on an Instagram post. For those hoping to get one of these puzzles, they can’t just go buy it at the store or order online.

For this special Heinz puzzle, the Ketchup company only made 57, and will be giving them away as part of an online giveaway. Anyone lucky enough to win one of these puzzles will likely spend hours trying to complete it. Hopefully the puzzle works better than tapping the 57 on the ketchup bottle to release the condiment.

Via Delish