When Movie And Television Filming Returns, Hollywood Plans To Use CGI Sex Scene To Avoid Contact

Photo credit puhhha
By ALT 103.7

Just like many other businesses, the film and television industry has been on halt since March. Now, as the industry is set to reopen production on June 12th, new guidelines are being put into place in order to keep the cast and crew safe. Apparently this will include some movies and television shows using CGI to create sex scenes, in order to avoid person-to-person contact.

With plans to return to filming only days away, filmmakers have been instructed to keep up with social distancing guidelines once returning to production. While some productions have done re-writes or scraped the sex scenes altogether, some have decided by begin “using CGI” in order to keep the intimate scenes in the film. Other preventative measures being taken include daily coronavirus tests for cast and crew, hand washing tutorials and the restructuring of intimate sequences.

While it is unknown how this will turn out on the big screen, there have been plenty of successful close encounter sequences created using CGI. Of course, the ones that fail face the most ridicule online. Hopefully the directors are ready to face some criticism if the scenes don’t look real enough.

Via Daily Mail