Kraft Mac And Cheese To Be Rebranded For Breakfast

Photo credit D-Huss
By ALT 103.7

Macaroni and cheese is a beloved dish for many, as even when it’s done up with fancy cheeses, pasta’s and add-ins, it’s hard to beat the taste of the simple childhood classic. Now, Kraft is hoping to bring the love of mac and cheese to a different part of the day; breakfast. Kraft Heinz announced this week they will be rebranding their classic product in order to help end the shame of picky eaters who want mac and cheese regardless what time of day it is.

While Kraft is hoping more people think about having macaroni and cheese for breakfast, they aren’t changing anything to the recipe to match a more traditional breakfast. Instead, they will be adding the word “breakfast” to boxes in replace of dinner, in hopes that more parents think to serve mac and cheese to their kids for breakfast.

To promote their rebranding, Kraft will offer up a limited edition “Breakfast Box,” which includes “a placemat for kids to color while the mac & cheese is being prepared," and "a magnet with breakfast topping suggestions, like crumbled sausage, bacon or scrambled eggs." With more people eating at home, macaroni and cheese may soon seem completely normal for breakfast.