Man Calls Out Neighbor’s “Pettiness” For Only Mowing Portion of Shared Lawn

Photo credit BrianAJackson
By ALT 103.7

It seems in just about every community, there is battle between neighbors taking place. No matter how perfect a home is, it can all be ruined by unruly people next door. One man in England recently started a war with his neighbor over mowing their shared lawn, and the tweets showing off his neighbor’s pettiness quickly went viral.

The twitter user, known as Matty, posted a photo of the lawn he shares with his next door neighbor recently, showing his neighbor mowed only his part of their shared lawn, leaving a tiny portion of lawn unkempt  where the homes are split. “Decided I am going to leaving it, when their grass grows back I'll mow mine. I will like this game,” said Matty in a follow up tweet. His initial tweet has since gained over 88,000 likes and 7,000 shares.

Many online shared their own neighbor horror stories, with many experience similar battles over shared lawn space. It is unknown if Matty has continued this battle or if he has since decided to take the high road and mow his lawn. No matter where it is, or how small the issue, neighbors will always be at war with each other.

Via Fox News