Man Claims To Have Created Spot On Recipe For Making KFC At Home

Photo credit Bruce Bennett / Staff
By ALT 103.7

Most people have at least one dish they have perfected, but still many beloved tastes just can’t seem to be matched at home. While there are many great recipes for fried chicken online, many have tried and failed to match the iconic taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, one man claims after spending 18 months working on the recipe, he has finally matched the iconic flavor.

Dan Fell recently shared a video on Twitter, saying he found the secret recipe, after working on different variations for over a year. “You wanted to know how to make #KFC at home. Here’s my recipe which took me nearly 18 months to perfect,” Fell said in his tweet. He also claimed in a follow up most say “you really cannot tell the difference.

The recipe includes directions for the wash, seasoning, heating, and cooking directions. With many stuck at home, this recipe may help people deal with their cravings while stuck at home. It may not be KFC, but it’s the closest anyone has been yet.

Via LADBible