Man In Kansas City Offering $25K To Anyone That Finds Him A Girlfriend

Photo credit Joe Raedle / Staff
By ALT 103.7

How far would you go to find love?  

If you can't answer that question, that's ok.  But Jeff Gebhart knows what he's willing to do.  

In fact, Jeff is offering $25,000 to anyone that can find him a girlfriend.  

Over the weekend, Jeff created a website titled ,  where he goes into detail about who he is and what he's looking for.  

“I’m single. I felt the current options the market offered sucked and were terribly inefficient. Why would I voluntarily enter into something that brings frustration and disappointment into my life like app-based dating? The more I interviewed women while building the website, the more I realized everyone agreed. Not to mention, there is a very large portion of women that choose not to date online because they hate it so much.”

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