Adopting A Chicken Has Become The New Pet Obsession During Quarantine

Photo credit JasonJiron
By ALT 103.7

Since the start of quarantine, pet ownership has skyrocketed, with many people using the extra time at home to add a new member to their family. However, not everyone is going for the traditional dog or cat. Apparently the amount of people getting chickens as pets is on the rise, and some are already seeing the benefits.

There are many reasons to get a chicken as a pet and for people with cat or dog allergies, it has shown to be a good alternative. Of course, another advantage to having chickens is getting fresh eggs for breakfast, but they do take some work to manage. Still, with people stuck at home, many have used the time to pick up a new hobby of raising chickens in their backyard.

“We’ve seen a 260% increase in demand since last year and have struggled to keep up with it. The main reasons are that people have more time on their hands now to look after a flock, plus they realize they are a steady source of protein and nutrition,” said My Pet Chicken CEO Traci Torres. While many pet lovers will claim their pet as the best, the advantages of having a pet chicken can’t be denied.

Via New York Post