People Are Getting Their Pets Prepared For The End Of Quarantine

Photo credit Eva Blanco
By ALT 103.7

If there has been one positive to quarantine over the last few months, it’s the amount of time people have had to spend with their pets. For most pets, the daily fear of their humans leaving the home was wiped away during lockdown. However, with many people set to return to work soon, people have had to start preparing their pets for life without them, especially those who got a new animal at the start of lockdown.

As the workforce returns, and people start going back to the office, instead of working from home, many have begun to worry about the mental wellbeing of their pets. “Once everyone goes back to work, it's going to be such a big difference and such a shock to the system, that I think definitely we're going to see a lot of instances of separation distress turning into separation anxiety,” said dog behaviorist Mickey McCallum.

With the extra time, many new pets may be in for a shock when those in the household aren’t their all day every day anymore. Luckily, most pets are probably just happy to get back to their pre-quarantine lives, just like everyone else.

Via Mashable