People Have Been Using Their Time During Quarantine To Help Solve Mysteries

Photo credit bowie15
By ALT 103.7

As many remain stuck at home, some are already starting to move on from their initial quarantine activities, and are now looking for a new hobby to help pass the time. With no new true crime documentaries for people around the world to obsess over, some have begun attempting to help solve mysteries on their own while home. Thanks to citizen science projects, people are using modern technology to help solve mysteries around the world.

Citizen science projects, such as Rainforest Rescue, have seen a boom in participation since the start of quarantine. While many of their projects are based in science, some are giving people the chance to catch criminals around the globe. Some of these projects give people the chance to fight injustice, track down criminals help make the world a better place without leaving home.

“We have a few very key rules: no illegal hacking techniques whatsoever, and everything has to be publicly available information,” said Adrian Korn, director of Trace Labs, a Canadian non-profit that organizes events for hackers to gather information on potential missing persons cases. With people looking for new things to do, they can finally live out their true crime obsession.