Another Shortage May Be Around The Corner As People Stockpile Frozen Pizza

Photo credit bhofack2
By ALT 103.7

When the coronavirus first began to spread across the country, many stores saw shortages in essential items such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Now, there is another item that is beginning to disappear from shelves, and it’s one not too many people will be happy about. According to new research, Americans have begun stockpiling frozen pizza, which could lead to potential shortage sin the near future.

With people across the country working from home, many have increased their food shopping recently, making sure to stockpile items that won’t go bad. In America, one of these essential food items is frozen pizza apparently. In March, the United States spent $275 million on frozen pizza, a 92 percent increase from the previous year.

“It’s not hard to imagine that many people are looking for easy, convenient solutions that are also crowd-pleasing family favorites. Also, when living in uncertain times—as many of us are right now—we’re seeing a rise in consumers turning to much-loved comfort foods,” said director of demand sciences at Conagra Brands, Ashley Lind. The increase in sales has been compared to that of toilet paper at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, the same panic won’t happen with less frozen pizza on the shelves.

Via Fox News