Rae, The “Unicorn” Puppy

Golden retiever puppy yawning
Photo credit Credit:Getty Images/podlesnova
By ALT 103.7

The Golden Retriever puppy named Rae, "ear" spelled backward is earning her fame and stealing hearts with her unique characteristics.  She is a pup with one ear in the middle of her forehead.

Rae had an accidental injury at birth that left her with only one ear. As a newborn, she required an emergency surgery. Her existing right ear started migrating to the top of her head after her surgery, as she grew older. She is able to hear and is now known as the "Unicorn Dog."

Rae now even has a viral Tik Tok video and shares her daily life through her owner Brianna Aardema, on Instagram as goldenunicornrae. Rae has become an Instagram sensation. She has 59,985 followers.

Via: Good Morning America