Research Reveals The Most Interesting Google Searches During Quarantine For Each State

Photo credit nirat
By ALT 103.7

Of all the websites available on the internet, Google has probably had the biggest impact on society, especially in terms of accessing information. Any time someone has a question; Google is usually the first place they turn for answers. Now, with so many new questions popping up over the last few months, research has revealed some of the more interesting topics each state has been googling during quarantine.

Over the past five months, many have turned to the internet to help figure out there new way of life; whether that’s dealing with quarantine, or finding something new to help pass the time. Using Google trends, researchers found the more interesting areas each state searches more than the rest. Some of the stranger results include; Louisiana searching “How Often Should You Wash Your Hair,” Maine searching “Build a chicken coop,” and Tennessee looking up “Cracker Barrel Alcohol.”

For Texas, the most common search seems to be people looking for help with sleeping troubles. As for the rest of the country, there were a lot of food recipes, and plenty of alcohol and drug searches. Based on these results, some states clearly are having a tough time dealing with quarantine.

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