Sleeping Hack To Keep Sheets Cool Goes Viral, But It Turns Out It Actually Makes People Hotter

Photo credit demaerre
By ALT 103.7

While some find it enjoyable to sleep in warm conditions, most can’t manage to get any rest when the room is too hot. People often search for tips to get their room cooler at night, especially their bedding. Recently, a sleeping hack went viral that called for sheets to be put in the freezer, but it turns out the hack actually makes people hotter while they sleep.

While the internet is filled with plenty of tips on ways to get to sleep during a heatwave, the recent sleeping hack quickly went viral, with some even saying the tip worked for them. The trick apparently is to put sheets, pajamas, or any item used during sleep, in the freezer for 30 minutes before going to bed. Though some claim the trick kept them cool, experts say this hack will actually make someone hotter while sleeping.

“Although it may cool you down as you go to bed during the night this moisture will heat up and is likely to wake you as you come out of your sleep cycle,” said James Wilson, aka The Sleep Geek. While some may think this trick worked, it may not be worth trying after all.

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