Texas Brewery Goes Viral For Dunkaroos Inspired Beer

Photo credit LoveTheWind
By ALT 103.7

Back in February, 90’s kids were treated to a bit of nostalgia when General Mills announced they would bring back the lunch box staple ‘Dunkaroos.’ Now, a brewery in Texas has gone viral after releasing a new beer inspired by the beloved snack. With this new beer, childhood memories can be combined with adult fun.

Martin House Brewing Company in Ft Worth recently released ‘DunkAbroos,’ offering the snack inspired beer for a limited time. The ale is brewed with cookies, vanilla creme, lactose, and sprinkles, creating a flavor reminiscent of the classic Dunkaroos, which came with vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkle filled vanilla frosting. The beer has an ABV of eight percent.

According to the brewery, the beer is a "sweet, cookie filled brew that even has that frosting finish (like when you save all the cream for the last cookie — yall know what we're talking about)!" While a four pack of the viral beer originally had a price of $20, it quickly sold out and is currently unavailable. Hopefully Martin House Brewing Company decides to make more for all the nostalgic 90’s kids out there.

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