Texas Food Festival Featuring Animal Testicles To Go On As Planned

Photo credit Ihor Smishko
By ALT 103.7

Many events have been cancelled over the last few months due to the coronavirus, but a few have attempted to go on as planned. Some created new guidelines to attempt to keep everyone safe, others made no changes and hoped for the best, and the rest were shut down either by public outcry, or local officials. While many upcoming events continue to push back their dates, The Texas Testicle Festival has decided to go on as planned this weekend.

The event is set to take place August 1st in Fredericksburg, and features cuisine made from different animal testicles. “As a testicle organizer, our new normal requires us to stay on the ball with the government at all levels, some of which change their minds daily. We’ve actually considered turning it into a testicle protest — protests seem to be allowed all over — but we just don’t have the balls,” said event organizer Claire Ball.

The event plans to follow the same restrictions restaurants use; adhering to social distancing and only allowing 50% capacity. Luckily, only 20 tickets have been sold to the event so far. It seems they may have to wait a little longer before sparking interest in eating animal testicles.

Via SA Current