Viral Website Creates 90’s Music Festival Lineups With Links To Concert Footage

Photo credit bernardbodo
By ALT 103.7

Like many businesses, the live music industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. With the majority of concerts still on hiatus, and more future festivals postponing their upcoming events, it may be a while before fans get to see their favorite artists live. Luckily, a new website has gone viral that generates random music festival lineups of 90’s music acts and includes links to archival footage.

The website, created by Twitter user “rico monkeon,” takes bands and musicians that played at music festivals in the UK during the 1990’s, and auto generates fake lineups for people to experience on the web. It features “wonky VHS footage of all your indie favourites,” according to the website’s creator. One of the generated lineups included acts like; R.E.M, Beastie Boys, Neil Young, Lenny Kravitz, The Verve, Massive Attack, Lou Reed, The Chemical Brothers, Wilco, and Sinead O’Connor.

With many upcoming tours and festivals either cancelled or postponed, this website quickly went viral giving fans the chance to experience live music through archived footage. While it may not be as good as seeing the bands live, at least it’s something to do while stuck at home.