Costco Now Sells A Giant Bucket Of Mac & Cheese And They’re Already Sold Out

Mac & Cheese
Photo credit Photo by: Dreamstime
By ALT 103.7

What don’t they sell at Costco? 

The Internet went crazy when everyone found out that Costco sells a giant tub of Mac & Cheese. So crazy that Costco is now sold out of this tub. How big is this tub of Mac & Cheese you ask? Its Costco sized and comes in at a whopping 27-pounds. 

According to People, this tub is so big that once emptied you can fit 100 baseballs, half a bale of hay, or even a small toddler inside. The wholesale retailer has the product listed under “Emergency Kits and Supplies” on their website. Because running out of Mac & Cheese classifies as an emergency.

The tub holds 180 servings of Mac & Cheese and has a shelf life of 20 years. If you had one serving of Mac & Cheese once a week, you would have enough for more than three years. 

This massive tub of Mac & Cheese sells for $89.99, an appropriate investment seeing that it will last you a very long time. This is probably the best gift to give a college student on a budget.