Dallas Police Ticketing Scooter Riders

Photo credit Credit: Getty Images Bortnikau
By ALT 103.7

What is the newest trend and form of transportation in Dallas?   Electric Scooters! While scooters are the new hype in the Deep Ellum area, riders have something to look out for and should be mindful and cautious to not break the Dallas city’s scooter and traffic rules.

Dallas police are starting to ticket scooter riders that are carrying on extra passengers and ignoring red lights.  An officer posted that he’d be “conducting scooter enforcement” Tuesday evening.

These are the following citations that will be issued for violations of scooter riders.

·        Scooters may not be operated on the sidewalk with in central business district

·        A child under the age of 17 years old must wear a helmet

·        Scooters may not transport additional passengers

·        Traffic laws apply such as traveling the correct direction on one-way streets, stopping at stop signs and lights, yielding row to vehicles and pedestrians when needed

·        Scooters may not be operated on multi use trails or park

The law is the law and should be obeyed. The Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said, “Police would ramp up scooter enforcement in response to growing crowds and criminal activity.”

Hope this prevents any citations from occurring. Safe riding!

Source: D Magazine, CBS DFW