Florida Teen Arrested After Wrestling Fake Alligator In Mall

Photo credit Joe Pearl Photography
By ALT 103.7

In yet another weird news story coming out of Florida, a teen was arrested recently for wrestling a fake alligator in the mall. Gianny Sosa-Hernandez was charged with criminal mischief after damaging the display alligator.

The event took place at The Falls Shopping Center in Miami-Dade County. Sosa-Hernandez is seen in video taking off his shirt, and running up to the side of the display. He then grabs the fake alligator, throws it into a pond, and performs the wrestling move known as an RKO, made famous by wrestler Randy Orton.

According to the mall’s manager, the alligator was valued at $3,690. After Sosa-Hernandez was identified by a witness, he confessed to the incident, and apologized. Sadly this is not the first legal issue the teen has dealt with, as a week earlier he was arrested after attempting to pull the same wrestling move on his school principal.

Both videos went viral, as his attempts at performing the RKO wrestling move got him in legal trouble both times. In the first incident, Sosa-Hernandez was charged with battery on a specified official/employee and interference with an educational institution. Hopefully after both of these incidents the Florida teen has learned his lesson.

Via ABC News