IHOP Is Releasing A Pizza Shaped Pancake For National Pizza Day

Photo credit Photo By: Dreamstime
By ALT 103.7

IHOP has been coming up with a lot of different marketing campaigns lately. Last year they tried convincing all of us that they were changing their name to IHOB, last Christmas they came out with Grinch pancakes and now they’re coming out with what they call “The Pancizza”. In case you didn’t know, National Pizza Day is on February 9th. This year IHOP wants to celebrate one of the greatest food creations ever, by introducing the Pancizza. If you’re scratching your head and thinking what’s a Pancizza? It’s basically a pancake that looks like a pizza; it comes in a box with several different types of syrup.You won’t be able to order one of these Pancizza’s while in the store. This limited time snack will only be available through the food delivery service DoorDash in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago on Saturday and Sunday. 

If you decide to order a Pancizza, you’ll have a few options. Customers will have three flavors to pick from bacon and cheddar, cupcake or buttermilk. 

IHOP is definitely making pizza for breakfast sound even more delicious. According to Brad Haley IHOP’s Chief Marketing Officer, the company just wanted to be part of National Pizza Day. "We thought what better way to celebrate National Pizza Day since pizza was one of the first, and still is, the biggest take-out and delivery item."

Lucky for us we get to be one of the few cities to try the new product. Will you order a Pancizza for breakfast or for dessert?

Via: USA Today