Koolickles? Why Would Someone Do This?

pickles, kool-aid, sugar, koolickles, gross
By ALT 103.7

Some are saying this isn't a new trend. Some are saying they've been doing this since they were kids. 


Here's the ingredients:

Pickles, Kool-Aid, Sugar. 

Soak for 3-6 days. Then "Enjoy."


I'm all for living back in the greatest part of our country, partially because you can buy pickles at baseball games and movie theaters. Do you know that both the East AND West coast do not serve pickles anywhere? You have to buy the gross store ones. Yuck. 

So, now, in the wonderful U.S. of A., and we choose to soak our pickles in Kool-Aid? 

No. Stick to movie theaters & baseball games.

Just plain old pickles in tin foil. 

(Oh, and here's a disgusting video:)