Wait Until You See The Disgusting Thing A Passenger Did On This Flight

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By ALT 103.7


(I feel any good post starts that way.)

A friend of mine created an airplane seat cover for this exact reason. (Germ Free Bee)

People are nasty on planes. Even I was nasty once. I remember painting my toenails on a flight from the east coast to the west coast. Yes, I just admitted that. But I digress, this woman thought she was ... hiding? her nastiness? On a recent flight she put her bare feet, (which mind you, we have no idea where her feet have been) on top of the seat in front of her. But even better, she attempted to hide it with a hat? What kind of idea is that? If you havent followed passengershaming on Instagram, you should. This stuff is disgusting. (And thank goodness this account didn't exist in my 20's when I thought a plane was a nail salon.)